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# Username Clicks Average CPS Time
1 o3ahwl 1920 16 120 seconds
2 LEKACIGHNANGEcg 1920 16 120 seconds
3 Torreira4l 1896 15.8 120 seconds
4 jaidifullife3p 1884 15.7 120 seconds
5 jamtebm 1884 15.7 120 seconds
6 hapaug3 1872 15.6 120 seconds
7 sexydiva08fz 1872 15.6 120 seconds
8 desihottie0006u 1860 15.5 120 seconds
9 pu1tiq8 1848 15.4 120 seconds
10 votrinduvi 1824 15.2 120 seconds

How Fast Can You Click? – The Concept!

CPS is a kind of test, which relates to the number of clicks made per the number of seconds. CPS test is more like a game, which allows you to make and break clicking records, which means you have to set the highest possible clicking score and then break your records and other records. This test is simple and easy; you must follow the steps listed below:

  1. Browse the on your desktop's web browser.
  2. Click the "Click Here to Start" button on your screen to begin this testing game; this button is located in the gray box located above on this screen.
  3. Once you have clicked the "Start" button, begin clicking the button as rapidly as possible. You must click the button with your mouse as swiftly as possible within the assigned timeframe. (You will be able to view the elapsed time in the box above.)
  4. Your maximum clicks shall be recorded up to the set time runs out. Once the time is over, your final clicking score shall be displayed. Your score will be displayed with your CPS.

What is CPS?

CPS is the frequency in which your clicks are calculated and associated with a time unit; that is, seconds. The higher your frequency of clicks, the better your score will be; you can increase your score by increasing your clicks' frequency.

The site's default time is set to 5 seconds; however, you are allowed to switch this timeframe to other extended options such as 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. You also get the option of changing your per click timeframe to 100 seconds. You can change your time variation from the menu available on the right sidebar of this page.

How fast can you check Your Click Speed Score?

CPS test is dedicated to determining your finger's movement on the mouse button; that is, it allows you to test your finger's speed on the mouse. You can break the speed record by clicking the mouse as fast as possible.

The average per second clicking speed of most players taking the CPS test is between 5 and 10 clicks; however, it completely depends on the individual how fast he/she can click.

How are many clicks per second fast enough?

CPS test has laid down certain ranks depending on your clicking speed; therefore, you must have per second clicking speed of anything between 5 and 10 clicks. An average player takes the CPS test clicks between this mouse-click range. If you want to avoid becoming a CPS turtle, then you should be able to click at least five times in one second.

What is CPS in Minecraft?

Minecraft offers a CPS test; however, if used by itself, then it can only register two clicks (approximately) per second from the participants. And what does this mean? It means that if you deliver 4 or 8 absolute CPS, still you'll achieve the same amount of hits on somebody, which means that your records wouldn't matter. Minecraft PvP gaming approves four kinds of categories when it comes to clicking:

  1. Extreme-Slow Clicks: If you are a player who clicks between 1 and 3 CPS, your clicking is problematic. You may miss out on registering your clicks with Minecraft. This slow-clicking doesn't seem logical unless you are planning on hitting another player with speed level-II.
  2. Moderate-Slow Clicks: If you are at this level, then it means that you are OK to enter the PvP and that you are between 4 and 7 CPS. The primary advantage of sitting in this category is that you possess a steady aim when playing PvP. This also means that you don't want to haste in your game and make crazy unwanted handshakes.
  3. Moderate-High Clicks: This level wouldn't let you enjoy major benefits; this is where you will experience shaky hands and get things complicated in the Minecraft PvP game. You are here if you are clicking anything between 8 and 13 CPS.
  4. Extreme-High Clicks: You can avail of certain extraordinary benefits over other Minecraft PvP players if you have reached this level, which means you are clicking more than 14 CPS. The benefit is that if you hid someone when playing, your sprint will "break." Also, you tend to acquire maximum "Reach" on your opponents when you begin with this level of hits on them.

How do you calculate Clicks Per Second?

Have you heard about the click frequency? Yes, Clicks Per Second (CPS) is a simple calculation of the frequency of clicks. And, how is this frequency calculated? Have a look at the formula below:

Clicks Per second = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds

(Meaning: CPS is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of seconds you use for clicking.)

Testing is simple and easy with online CPS calculators and testers; one among them is the You can use this website to calculate your CPS frequency.

How to improve your clicks per second (CPS) frequency?

The die-hard CPS gamers always want to improve their game and beat their opponents. Clicks per second (CPS) is an elementary aspect, which the gamers follow seriously, especially those who want to achieve PRO gaming abilities and become outstanding in their dream-game.

You require regular and undisturbed practice if you wish to improve your game and set unbeatable records. allows you daily unlimited practicing so that you can become a PRO clicker. Ten minutes is what it takes from you daily to make you a clicking expert, and yes, we are sure about this! Practice daily and acquire Pro gaming skills for your dream game!

We have a few but imperative techniques that you can use to improve and increase your clicks per second (CPS.) Here they are:

  • Don't forget to pick the best gaming mouse when practicing as a regular mouse wouldn't be effective.
  • We suggest you avoid the laptop trackpad when practicing.
  • Begin your practice by using the different types of click-techniques such as jitter clicking and butterfly clicking.
  • Mouse sensitivity matters to become a PRO; therefore, we suggest adjusting your mouse clicking sensitivity.
  • Another way of boosting your CPS is by playing shooting games; make sure that you shoot with the highest speed to improve your game.

Before you go ahead with your practice sessions, you should be acknowledged of the different types of Clicks used when taking the CPS test.

Types of Clicking Techniques!

1. Regular Clicking

The regular clicking technique is the primary technique and the easiest of all. You can improve your CPS by using this technique when conducting your daily tasks such as browsing the internet, editing your documents, and more.

On average, you can accomplish a CPS score between 3 and 6 clicks per second using the regular clicking type. When talking about the benefits, regular clicking allows you to attain perfection when playing a good score fight; however, this may result in your low CPS score.

2. Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking stands above the regular clicking technique, which means the former is a little harder than the latter. If you are applying jitter clicking to your game, you will be able to attain twice the click speed than regular clicking. It is advanced the best technique for improving your mouse clicks yet. And how does this technique work?

The jitter clicking moves your wrist and arm muscles to press the mouse button speedily – this movement brings a unique kind of vibration in your hand, which further gives a jitter effect. On average, you can achieve the jitter clicking the highest CPS between 10 and 14 clicks per second. If you want to improve your clicking speed, then you should opt-in for the jitter clicking option. We have added the Jitter Clicking Tutorial here for you to practice. Use this technique, and master your game with high scores in the Jitter Clicking Test Now!

3. Butterfly Clicking

If you plan the next level of gaming practice, you can choose to have the Butterfly clicking; it is better and a simple clicking type than the Jitter clicking. The Butterfly clicking type is a fantastic way to improve your clicking skills and highly preferred by CPS gaming professionals. With this technique, you can achieve the jitter clicking highest CPS between 15 and 25 clicks per second.

If you wish to boost your CPS frequency insanely, this is an ideal clicking technique. We have a detailed Butterfly Clicking Tutorial for you; all you have to do is watch the process carefully to click swiftly, and then play the CPS game like a Pro!

4. Drag Clicking

If you have tried all the above clicking technique and want to take your game to the utmost level, you should choose the Drag clicking technique. This technique will help you play the fastest CPS test – the Kohi Click Test; it is the speediest method to gain more clicks in a minimal timeframe. In this technique, the finger's and mouse's friction is taken into consideration.

The highest clicking speed in this technique varies anything between 25 and 100 clicks per second. It is a great technique for players who wish to reach 100 CPS in just a few seconds. And, how does the Drag clicking technique work? You have to place your finger on the arch's top to the edge of the mouse button. It would help if you then moved your finger down to hit the button and hit the mouse button good enough so that the click is registered.

5. Auto Clicking

We all know that online, mouse-clicking games require high strength, stamina, and speed. This can be highly energy-draining for players, especially those who use all their strength in short-burst clicking. A new technique –auto clicking is available to avoid this trouble. Auto clicking allows you to save both practice time and energy. Several gamers use this auto-clicking technique by installing 'auto clicker' software, which can subterfuge the humans' mouse clicks.